Both users and stores would benefit from better visualization of data by Yelp

Wouldn’t it be nice if Yelp allowed both its users and stores to use the data they collect. I’ve always wanted to see how a restaurant is trending over time. Were they always 4 stars, or did they used to be 4.5? Is this a shitty restaurant that just got a lot of good reviews in the beginning because of some promo they did? Are customers still coming to this shop (based on volume of reviews) or has business slowed for them. Yelp has all…Continue Reading “Both users and stores would benefit from better visualization of data by Yelp”

uberXtreme Concept

Have you ever been stuck at home and received a text from your buddy down at the beach telling you the surf is great while you’re stranded without a ride? Now those days are in the past. Uber has your back with uberXtreme! Grab your phone, and grab your board. You’ll be in the water in no time with the push of a button. Whether you’re a mountain biker, kayaker, surfer, or dog lover, uberXtreme is here to help you become the ultimate weekend warrior. Uber is always striving…Continue Reading “uberXtreme Concept”

Lyft promotional campaign

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Before Tidal comes crashing down

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but people are not flocking to Tidal like their new owners had hoped. Let’s be honest, we’re all aware of how poorly the service has been received, so I’ll try not to bore you with what they’re doing wrong but I will try to discuss what they can do better in an effort to improve it. The short solution is, Tidal needs to become a home for music lovers. Right now the brand image of Tidal is a group…Continue Reading “Before Tidal comes crashing down”

M’Oreo Cookies

M’Oreo cookies are packaged similar to regular Oreo cookies. The two outside trays contain only chocolate (or any flavor) Oreo cookie wafers, while the inner tray contains nothing but creme filling. This design allows the eater to decide on the amount of filling per wafer ratio. This satisfies everyone, from the person who only likes the wafer to the person that like’s 5x creme filling, to the extremist who likes to add ingredients such as bananas, Nutella, peanut butter or ice cream. It should cost…Continue Reading “M’Oreo Cookies”

The fact that there are humans out there that feel this is an answer to some perceived problem is staggering. Their goal is to scare you. To have you feel safe only when locked in your home. Don’t doubt that actions like this are intended to manipulate us. This incident will serve to further the restricting of our freedoms. By replaying the footage for weeks and discussing it ad nauseum, they will seek to infuse a greater fear in people. The answer is not more…Continue Reading “The Argument for Love”