The Argument for Love

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The fact that there are humans out there that feel this is an answer to some perceived problem is staggering. Their goal is to scare you. To have you feel safe only when locked in your home. Don’t doubt that actions like this are intended to manipulate us. This incident will serve to further the restricting of our freedoms. By replaying the footage for weeks and discussing it ad nauseum, they will seek to infuse a greater fear in people. The answer is not more guns, more weapons and anger. I don’t pretend to know the answer but rash judgments and actions should be avoided.

The only thing a society can do is to use events like this to better understand the reasons why they occur, in order to prevent them in the future. We must look at what is the root cause which leads an individual, group or government to take the lives of innocent people and feel right about it.

Further death and destruction should be avoided at all costs. We must also be ever vigilant of our freedoms and who is controlling them. Do not allow them to succeed in their fear mongering by responding with purchasing more guns, restricting your travel, throwing slurs at people, or any other of the many negative reactions people tend to have in situations like this.

Look at how you respond to this and ask yourself if it brings things closer to a safer, better more positive world or if it leads to further fear, separation and hate. It is naive to say love is the sole answer, but remember that people are born with love, hate is learned. We must teach love, compassion and kindness. Events like this do not occur overnight, and at each point where this could have been prevented, where love and understanding was not used, this is where we failed.

Racism, hate, and war do not belong in society. Let us move closer to an ideal of where we are not in fear of these things. My heart goes out to all of the families of those killed and to those injured. Let us honor them by making this world a better place. By using this event to grow into a better society. By using our hearts and our minds to better understand each other. By loving your fellow man.

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