M’Oreo Cookies

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M’Oreo cookies are packaged similar to regular Oreo cookies. The two outside trays contain only chocolate (or any flavor) Oreo cookie wafers, while the inner tray contains nothing but creme filling.


This design allows the eater to decide on the amount of filling per wafer ratio. This satisfies everyone, from the person who only likes the wafer to the person that like’s 5x creme filling, to the extremist who likes to add ingredients such as bananas, Nutella, peanut butter or ice cream.

It should cost only slightly more, but can also be sold for slightly more. I believe the demand is there.

Please, I beg you Nabisco, work with me to make this a reality. The people want it.


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3 thoughts on “M’Oreo Cookies

  1. It’s not that hard to get ahold of them. Merely email their idea and concept dept. (NabiscoEmailTeam@casupport.com) I did that with an almost identical idea (minus snazzy concept art) a year or 2 ago. They sent me back a professional, if slightly curt, not happening letter. But maybe the pull of popular opinion will change their minds. Here’s hoping for you.

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