Before Tidal comes crashing down

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but people are not flocking to Tidal like their new owners had hoped. Let’s be honest, we’re all aware of how poorly the service has been received, so I’ll try not to bore you with what they’re doing wrong but I will try to discuss what they can do better in an effort to improve it. The short solution is, Tidal needs to become a home for music lovers. Right now the brand image of Tidal is a group…Continue Reading “Before Tidal comes crashing down”

The fact that there are humans out there that feel this is an answer to some perceived problem is staggering. Their goal is to scare you. To have you feel safe only when locked in your home. Don’t doubt that actions like this are intended to manipulate us. This incident will serve to further the restricting of our freedoms. By replaying the footage for weeks and discussing it ad nauseum, they will seek to infuse a greater fear in people. The answer is not more…Continue Reading “The Argument for Love”